Lights! Camera!…….

Ever get into those moods where you just want to see some explosions, car chases or fist fights? I know when I’m in the mood, comedies, dramas, or scifi just don’t seem to cut it and all the new stuff seems to just be comic-based (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing). If you’re anything like me and on occasion have a craving for something a little more old school, these cool action movies to watch can effectively get your adrenaline pumping and satisfy your appetite.

The Rock
Rule of thumb for movies, if Michael Bay is involved, something is inevitably going to blow up. The man loves his explosions so much, he probably attaches a stick of dynamite to the cameras during shooting (no pun intended). The Rock is about the government recruiting a felon for a mission involving stopping a somewhat deranged general from unleashing nerve gas hell on San Francisco from his own little makeshift base at Alcatraz. The movie effectively combines the talents of some pretty big actors such as Sean Connery’s historic flare for action, the dramatic method of Ed Harris and the always amusing eccentricity that seems to always come with Nick Cage.

Total Recall (The Original, Not The Remake)
You can’t have an action movie list without making mention of Arnold Schwartzenegger, it’s a rule. This one involves the Terminator saving a colonized Mars from an evil corporation that is withholding alien technology that could terraform the planet and make it safe for colonists to live outside the corporation’s protective colonies rendering them powerless. Some may argue that this is more scifi than anything, but the enormous number of fatalities, gun fire and faces being broken from an Arnie punch definitely tips the scales towards action.

Sometimes, you need a good ‘ol western to show you how it’s done, and the fact that Tombstone is about a real historic event makes it impossible to look away from. Tombstone follows Wyatt Earp (among other famous Wild West figures) after his retirement from law enforcement and how conflicts with a group of outlaws ultimately lead up to the infamous shoot out at the OK Corral. The cast also includes Kurt Russel, Sam Elliot and Bill Paxton. The comic relief from Val Kilmer playing the consistently plastered Doc Holliday comes very close to stealing the show.